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​Bellingham Public Schools has two voter approved levies that are expiring in 2020.  A replacement Operations and Technology Capital Levy will be on the upcoming special election ballot on February 11, 2020.

These levies pay for nearly 25 percent of the cost of educational programs and services not adequately funded by the state.  

Operations Levy

Bellingham's upcoming replacement operations levy supports teaching and learning.  The operations levy will:

  • Pay for teachers, counselors, nurses and other staff

  • Lower class size

  • Help fund Special Education, English Language Learner, and Highly Capable programs

  • Support art, music, and athletic programs

  • Support food service and wellness initiatives

  • Support field trips and Project Free Education

Technology Capital Levy

The replacement technology capital levy supports infrastructure and learning, paying for:

  • School wired and wireless network upgrades

  • Adaptive technologies and devices for students with special needs

  • Computers, software and digital curriculum licensing

  • 1:1 (one-to-one) technology initiative to support learning and preparing students for their future

  • School safety measures

  • Staff who maintain equipment and provide training

  • Replacement maintenance equipment and vehicles

  • Portables and energy efficient windows in some schools

  • Education in online safety, empathy, responsibility and digital citizenship.