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In fall 2021, Bellingham Public Schools convened a Facilities Planning Task Force representing staff, students, parents and community members from across our school district.


The task force met regularly throughout the fall to continue the important work of identifying buildings with the highest need for replacement, as well as reviewing projected growth in our district boundaries.


Task force meeting minutes, presentations and data, as well as full details of the recommendation are posted on the Facilities Planning Task Force webpage.

A Focus on Sustainability

Bellingham Public Schools will have a bond on the upcoming special election on Feb. 8, 2022 to address five areas of investment.


  1. Community Transitions (CT):  Buy property, design and build a new facility for Community Transitions (CT) and maximize flexibility/opportunity for possible use by other district programs. CT is a program for students receiving Special Education services through the age of 21.

  2. New Elementary School: Build a 15th elementary school on the district-owned King Mountain property on the northside of town where growth is occurring. This space would be a significant step in developing a higher sustainability standard for our schools and initially used as a temporary swing space for students as other schools are rebuilt. (See next area of investment.)

  3. Carl Cozier, Columbia and Roosevelt Redesigns: Begin the design for the replacement of these three current elementary schools and set the stage for a future bond to fund their construction.

  4. Current Projects: Support completion of previously-approved bond projects in response to refinements and increased construction costs including:

    • Sunnyland Elementary School

    • Gordon Carter environmental education site

    • District Office

    • Bellingham and Squalicum High fields

  5. Safety, Sustainability and Accessibility: Invest in improvements at numerous schools that include:

    • Adding inclusive playgrounds and play fields.

    • Expanding Kulshan Middle School by four additional classrooms and replacing existing grass field with turf.

    • Improving Cordata Elementary School traffic and parking.

    • Increasing resource efficiency and minimize the effects of energy and water consumption and dependence on fossil fuels.

    • Implementing more visible and meaningful sustainability practices in schools to increase educational stewardship.

Learn more about the Community Transitions Program!

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